Things to be thankful for in 2012......

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The doctors gave Stefano the all clear and we were able to enjoy the weekend of activities that Lara and Sebi had organised for our joint 50th birthday celebrations.

They never get too old for a paid-for mini-break! Lara and Boi enjoy a girls’ trip to NYC for a spot of culture, a bit of shopping and a lot of eating!

Sebi made it through his school rugby career in one piece!! Over the years we have made 3 visits to the Accident and Emergency department with injuries including a dislocated shoulder (twice), a hyper-extended knee, a concussion, sprained fingers and ankles and countless cuts and bruises; Boi is very very relieved.

To know that there is a reason for everything….now we know what that bald spot was meant for! Stefano showing his support for Nina (Boi’s niece) and Team Thailand at the London Olympics

As Lara and Sebi spend more and more time away from home, there are always these two who show no intention of leaving

Lots of sisters... lots of cousins!

That, to date, Lara and Sebi have never strayed from the straight and narrow. Boi is getting used to being addressed as “Your Worship” in court and thinks that perhaps this should be extended to the home environment too!

Old friends to celebrate the good times together and support you through the bad.

The Eurostar from London to Paris takes no time at all so a quick trip to visit Lara who is doing her year of study abroad at Sciences Po is no big deal


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